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"Do NOT" list to store the battery



  • DON'T keep batteries, especially small and coin cell batteries, within reach of children. If swallowed, coin cell batteries can become lodged in the esophagus where they can cause serious injury or death in as little as two hours.
  • DON’T dispose of batteries in a fire — they may leak or rupture.
  • DON’T disassemble, crush, puncture, or otherwise damage batteries.  This can result in leakage or rupture.
  • DON’T carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse with metal objects like coins, paper clips, etc. This can short-circuit the battery, leading to high heat or leakage.
  • DON’T recharge a battery unless it is specifically marked "rechargeable." Attempting to recharge a non-rechargeable (primary) battery could result in leakage or rupture. Don't use rechargeable alkaline batteries in nickel metal hydride battery chargers.
  • DON’T store batteries or battery-powered devices in hot places — elevated temperatures can lead to capacity loss, leakage or rupture.
  • DON’T mix old and new batteries, or mix different types or makes of batteries. This can cause leakage or rupture, resulting in personal injury or property damage.
  • DON’T give batteries to young children.

Do list to store the battery

Do's DO join the Energizer and Safe Kids USA partnership to bring more awareness to the issue of child injestion of coin cell batteries and related injuries - DO read the instructions on your device before installing batteries. Only use the size and type of battery specified in the instructions. DO insert the batteries properly. Follow the symbols [...]

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